Connecting the Unconnected

multilevel governance, energy systems, climate change
Published on the platform: August 1, 2019
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes premises in Brussels hosted the joint event of IMEAS and C-Track 50 organised on the 19th of June during EUSEW 2019.
Both projects investigate the linkage between the different levels of governance and address Multi-Level Governance as a means to incorporate EU-energy policy and climate targets at the national, regional and/or local level. Their working basis is structured on a need acknowledged, namely that for a holistic and successful carbon transition process, it is crucial that the energy policy of the EU level is manifested at the local level in a bottom-up approach. Some of the recommendations in order to “Connect the unconnected”, as raised by the participants during the presentations and the roundtable, include:

  • Development of dedicated financing tools to support the development of MLG and energy & climate policy planning at the regional / local level;
  • Regulatory obligation for regional / local authorities to prepare a plan on energy and climate;
  • Defining specific GHG reduction targets at the regional level;
  • Integration and connection of topics such as climate change mitigation/adaptation and urban spatial planning etc. in municipal administrations;
  • Creation of a space for dialogue for the relevant actors at different levels of governance;
  • Creation of a common methodological basis to ensure the quality of the data;
  • Linking climate policy with objectives regarding system innovation;
  • Taking a top-down approach via EU directives to bind the national levels to take action;
  • Capacity building of the regional / local administration levels.
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Nina Maschio Esposito
multilevel governanceenergy systemsclimate change

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