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May 16, 2019

Review economicum Session 8 | Residential building wisely refurbish

On 10th April 2019 the eighth session of the economicum took place in the Raiffeisenforum Dornbirn. Various concepts, measured energy savings, costs and cost-effectiveness of housing renovations were presented and compared using the example of various projects. As the example buildings show, energetically high-quality renovations can also have architecturally high quality. Event Resume The energet

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April 16, 2019

Antarctica: First solar power plant for the Italian base

The first photovoltaic power plant of the Italian “Mario Zucchelli” base in Antarctica has been built, continuing the transition to 100% energy from renewable sources after the construction of a wind farm in the previous year.  The plant became operative during the 34th Summer Campaign of the National Antarctic Research Program (PNRA), funded with 23 million euro by the MI

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April 16, 2019

Energy poverty: ENEA proposes common European standards

The measures to combat energy poverty were at the center of ENEA’s activities in its role as annual President of the European Energy Network (ENR), the voluntary network of national energy agencies for EU countries and some extra EU nations. At the end of its mandate in February 2019, ENEA presented to the European Commission a series of proposals, following a survey on energy poverty conduc

energy transition, EU, policies, low-carbon
April 9, 2019

The Energy Union: from vision to reality

The fourth report on the State of the Energy Union, adopted today, shows that the Commission has fully delivered on its vision of an Energy Union strategy guaranteeing accessible, affordable, secure, competitive and sustainable energy for all Europeans. Europe is already a global leader in fighting climate change. European policies implemented over the last five years in all policy areas have put

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March 25, 2019

Clean mobility: Putting an end to polluting trucks.

Commission welcomes first-ever EU standards to reduce pollution from trucks The European Parliament and the Council reached provisional agreement on a Regulation setting, for the first time in the EU, strict CO2 emission standards for trucks. This deal follows the agreement reached in December on new CO2 emission standards for cars and light vans in the EU for the period after 2020. As pa

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