July 8, 2021

Vorarlberg and St. Gallen work together for public transport

Comparable fares, increased service, improved rail infrastructure – the canton of St. Gallen and the state of Vorarlberg have jointly drawn up a memorandum of understanding. In the coming years, this will serve as the basis for planning and implementing measures to improve cross-border public transport. “This concerns in particular the subject areas of tariffs, service density and rail

policy strategies
June 25, 2021

Vorarlberg/Austria unanimously adopts the Energy Autonomy+ 2030 strategy

For twelve years Vorarlberg has been on the way to energy autonomy 2050. Today the strategy Energy Autonomy+ 2030 was unanimously adopted in the Vorarlberg state parliament. The energy spokespersons of all parties represented in the Vorarlberg state parliament were intensively involved in the strategy process and stand behind the Energy Autonomy+ 2030. This unanimous decision is an important sign

funding instrument, low-carbon
June 3, 2021

Special award for the „Kommunaler Gebäudeausweis (KGA)

The project, which was awarded the special “BusinessART” prize, makes it possible to plan, implement and operate public buildings with a high level of sustainability and in a way that is optimized for subsidies. Sustainable, public buildings are supported with a subsidy. The basis for this funding is the municipal building certificate (KGA). The Sustainable:Building in the Municipality

energy efficiency
November 3, 2020

Understanding end-user needs and expectations on the next-generation energy performance certificates scheme

Understanding end-user perspectives is crucial for the development and roll-out of new features for energy performance certificates (EPCs). Without a full insight into what end- users want and need for the next generation of EPCs it will be difficult to make effective use of these new features. The H2020 project X-tendo has conducted a survey with (potential future) building owners and occupants

energy efficiency, policies
July 20, 2020

MURE database on energy efficiency policies and measure in Europe

The Mure database, that includes policies and measures in EU28 countries countries and Norway, Switzerland and Serbia and aims at the improvement of energy efficiency in the end-use sectors for households, industry, transport and services, has been updated with most recent policies and measures. The Mure database has been also redesigned to improve its user-friendliness and functionalities. 

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