energy efficiency
November 3, 2020

Understanding end-user needs and expectations on the next-generation energy performance certificates scheme

Understanding end-user perspectives is crucial for the development and roll-out of new features for energy performance certificates (EPCs). Without a full insight into what end- users want and need for the next generation of EPCs it will be difficult to make effective use of these new features. The H2020 project X-tendo has conducted a survey with (potential future) building owners and occupants

energy efficiency, policies
July 20, 2020

MURE database on energy efficiency policies and measure in Europe

The Mure database, that includes policies and measures in EU28 countries countries and Norway, Switzerland and Serbia and aims at the improvement of energy efficiency in the end-use sectors for households, industry, transport and services, has been updated with most recent policies and measures. The Mure database has been also redesigned to improve its user-friendliness and functionalities. 

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June 16, 2020

IEA Article – The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on clean energy progress

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a major impact on energy systems around the world, curbing investments and threatening to slow the expansion of key clean energy technologies. Dave Turk and George Kamiya (IEA- International Energy Agency) examine 10 key themes in a recent article available at

policy purposes, Paris Convention on Climate Change
March 6, 2020

Paris – Vorderwald: Try out for four weeks what world politics decided in Paris

How can the Paris climate goals be achieved in rural areas? In May 2019, 14 Vorderwald households with 64 people spent four weeks trying to get as close as possible to the climate goals decided by the international community in Paris. The results of the climate experiment The greenhouse gas emissions of the participants were already below half the Austrian average before the trial. As part of the

March 6, 2020

Energieautonomie Vorarlberg: Startschuss für neue Umsetzungsperiode

Die erste Umsetzungsperiode der Energieautonomie Vorarlberg mit Zeithorizont 2020 steuert auf ihr Finale zu. Im Rahmen eines Treffens der Mitglieder der vier Arbeitsgruppen der Energieautonomie Vorarlberg im Cubus in Wolfurt wurde Resümee gezogen. Im Jahr 2010 haben sich rund 60 Vorarlbergerinnen und Vorarlberger in vier Arbeitsgruppen zusammengefunden, um konkrete Maßnahmen mit Zeithorizont 202

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