energy efficiency
February 13, 2020

Exploration: Energy need for non-residential buildings in Vorarlberg

In order to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in accordance with the Paris Agreement and the Energie Autonomie Vorarlberg, a decarbonisation of the residential and non-residential building sector is necessary. This is being confirmed by a statement of the provincial government in the Energie- und Monitoringbericht Vorarlberg. According to this report, in 2016 47 % of the final energy consump

mobility, cities
February 4, 2020

Walking, cycling and public transport: still the greener mobility options in cities

The European Environment Agency (EEA) just published the Transport and environment report 2019 “The first and last mile — the key to sustainable urban transport“. The report provides a comprehensive overview of all main ‘first mile’ and ‘last mile’ mobility options for passenger and freight transport. It describes their urban mobility and policy contexts and p

newsletter, IMEAS, tools, guidelines
January 20, 2020

IMEAS web Platform Newsletter – January 2020

Download the IMEAS web Platform Newsletter (January 2020) with a selection of 3 guidelines from the IMEAS Project and an external contribute from Compete4SECAP Project. The products deal with Energy Management Systems, involvement of stakeholders in the energy and climate planning, energy organizations and regional energy agencies. Newsletter IMEAS Platform – January 2020 

Guideline, carbon-neutral, event
December 10, 2019

Guideline for carbon-neutral events

120.000 Kilowattstunden Strom verbraucht ein Festival – das wäre ausreichend für die Versorgung einer Kleinstadt. Und selbst bei kleineren Veranstaltungen produziert ein Besucher durchschnittlich noch zwei Kilo Müll. Ein Handeln im Sinne des Klimaschutzes stößt bei Besuchern und der Öffentlichkeit vermehrt auf positive Resonanz und erfährt einen stetig wachsenden Stellenwert. Die neue Bro

sustainability, Data sharing, multilevel governance, low-carbon
October 29, 2019

C-Track 50 roundtable in Athens: challenges for carbon neutrality

European experts and national representatives from 11 EU countries gathered in Athens to talk about EU climate and energy policies data monitoring and sharing, challenges for carbon neutrality and the role of multi-level governance. The roundtable was launched with some countries presenting their action plans and challenges faced during their implementation. It happens that many countries face sim

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