Review economicum Session 8 | Residential building wisely refurbish

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Published on the platform: June 3, 2019

On 10th April 2019 the eighth session of the economicum took place in the Raiffeisenforum Dornbirn.
Various concepts, measured energy savings, costs and cost-effectiveness of housing renovations were presented and compared using the example of various projects. As the example buildings show, energetically high-quality renovations can also have architecturally high quality.

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The energetic refurbishment of buildings offers a huge market potential which until now has only partially been exploited. The presented examples have shown: many technical solutions and concepts are available and have proven themselves in practice. The measured consumption of energy-efficient refurbishments are only slightly higher than those of new buildings and the additional costs compared to standard refurbishment are so low that high efficiency is economical. For Vorarlberg applies: with the help of the Vorarlberg founding subsidy and high-quality renovations are well financed.

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