Regional event presenting the national policy for climate and energy

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Published on the platform: June 15, 2019

On 4th June, the prefecture organized a presentation-debate dedicated to national approaches to fight against climate change with the intervention of Laurent Michel, Director General of Energy and Climate at the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition.

The Government has just published the projects of the National Low Carbon Strategy (SNBC), aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050, and of multiannual energy programming (PPE) for the next ten years. In parallel with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation to climate change was the subject of a second national plan (PNACC 2) published last December.

The regional council presented its air-energy policy and the regional development plan for sustainable development and territorial equality currently being finalized.

Representatives of communities were able to testify on the exemplary steps that they have undertaken: plan climate air energy territorial of the community of agglomeration of the Pays Voironnais, development of the activity zone of the Rocher by Vienna Condrieu agglomeration, ind farm of Cham Longe in Saint Etienne de Lugdarès, biogas development in Pays de Salers, participative democracy and climate action of the city of Lyon.

On this occasion, the Préfet Pascal Mailhos announced the establishment of a Regional Strategic Committee for the energy transition co-chaired by the State and the Regional Council.

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Presentation of the national policy for climate and energy
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