Paris – Vorderwald: Try out for four weeks what world politics decided in Paris

policy purposes, Paris Convention on Climate Change
Published on the platform: March 6, 2020

How can the Paris climate goals be achieved in rural areas?

In May 2019, 14 Vorderwald households with 64 people spent four weeks trying to get as close as possible to the climate goals decided by the international community in Paris.

The results of the climate experiment

The greenhouse gas emissions of the participants were already below half the Austrian average
before the trial. As part of the four-week practical test phase, they reduced the already very good values by another 20%.

For this purpose, the participants left cars and went by bike or bus, they tested e-bikes and e-cars, just like the vegetable crate and regional meat package, exchanged bulbs for efficient bulbs, received advice on saving electricity, renovating and PV systems, and planted Fir trees, tested car sharing, extended vegetable gardens, tried packaging-free, second-hand and regional shopping, changed their vacation plans and destinations, made more home offices, repaired in the repair cafe and a lot more.

On average, households come close to the Paris climate targets during their four-week experiment. That is hopeful. The results of “Paris – Vorderwald” give confidence that the Paris climate goals can be achieved. The associated lifestyle does not mean renunciation but change and moderation – a life that corresponds more to human measure than the usual demand for the maximum.

Political demands

From their experiences, the households formulated political recommendations that they consider necessary to achieve the Paris climate goals in rural areas. These include demands such as an income-neutral CO2 tax as well as the expansion of bike paths and public transport in the Vorderwald.
The participants urged politicians to make immediate use of the remaining time window. The younger participants in particular argued that regulatory decisions are now needed, which may also be somewhat painful. The goal will not be achieved by voluntary action alone. All participants agreed that CO2 has to get a price and that the product should be labeled accordingly.

Further details to „Paris – Vorderwald“:

  • Paris climate target: greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to zero by 2050. This is to keep global warming below 2°C.
  • Further information:
  • Further information:
  • To try it yourself: App “Ein guter Tag hat 100 Punkte” available free of charge in the playstore and appstore.
  • The “Paris – Vorderwald” project is a pilot project of the eight municipalities in the Vorderwald energy region supported by the Climate and Energy Fund and the State of Vorarlberg. Project partner is Kairos from Bregenz. The project is accompanied by Vorarlberg Energy Autonomy, the Illwerke VKW Group and the Energy Institute Vorarlberg.


Information source: Energy Institute Vorarlberg
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policy purposesParis Convention on Climate Change

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