Development cooperation: “Professionals without borders”, a project focused on renewables and training

Published on the platform: March 10, 2019

Involving and enhancing the role of African diasporas in Italy to promote development in their native countries, also through field training on energy and agriculture. This is the objective of “Professionals Without Borders: Diasporas’ Skills for Local Economic Development in Sahelian Africa“, a project developed by FOCSIV with the support of ENEA and other partners, the results of which have been recently presented in Rome at ENEA headquarters.

Funded by the Ministry of the Interior and launched in January 2017, the initiative has been developed in three African countries, Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast and Senegal –mainly focusing on initiatives for  electrification of rural villages, improvement of agricultural techniques and water sanitation.

During the two-year activity, the professional skills of African diasporas have been identified by the four Italian partner regions Campania, Lazio, Marche and Tuscany in the agronomic and renewable energy sectors. The networking of diasporas’ associations, immigrants and cooperation subjects in Italy with local institutions and associations of Sahelian Africa has been also promoted.

“Thanks to education and training, many migrants bring with them, or acquire in Italy, skills that can be valuable in their countries of origin, in particular for the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of rural communities, especially for women, through the transfer of knowledge and professional skills in driving sectors like agriculture and renewable sources “, Andrea Stocchiero at FOCSIV, said.

“As ENEA we have provided technical assistance and support to the training activities with our expertise in the fields of renewable energy, sustainable agronomic practices and GIS systems (Geographical Information System) for the management of water resources”, commented Gian Piero Celata, Head of the ENEA Energy Technologies Department.

In addition to FOCSIV World Volunteers, the project has been developed with the AIA – Association of African Engineers, Marche Region, PF Development Cooperation, COMI – Cooperation for the Developing World, CPS – Development Promotion Community, CVM – Volunteer Communities for the World and Movimento Shalom Onlus. ENEA has provided the specific competences of its International Relations Office and Department of Energy Technologies.

Among others, the Deputy Director General for Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Luca Maestripieri, took part At the event ENEA headquarters in Rome along with the Ivory Coast Ambassador in Italy, Janine Tagliante Saracin.

The themes of international cooperation are at the core of the latest issue of the ENEA magazine “Energy, the Environment and Innovation”( , with a special focus on the activities of the project “Professionals without borders”.

Pablo Jallin

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