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Konferenca energetskih menedžerjev iz lokalnih skupnosti, industrije in podjetniškega sektorja s podelitvijo nagrad energetsko najbolj prodornim slovenskim občinam. Letošnja konferenca poteka v sodelovanju z lokalnimi energetskimi agencijami. Information source: https://www.energetika.net/en-dogodki/en-obcina-en-management-019#tab_naslovnica-9



Fachkongress Innovative Stromanwendungen im Wohnbau 2019 Für Fachleute zeichnet sich der Trend deutlich ab: das Gebäude der Zukunft wird zum „Prosumer“ – der Stromverbrauch für die Elektrogeräte, die Wärme und die Elektromobilität werden künftig durch Photovoltaik bestritten. Diese Herausforderung gehen wir beim Fachkongress “Innovative Stromanwendungen im Wohnbau”am Donnerstag, d


Digital Cities Challenge: A strategy for EU cities in the 21st Century

Cities host 72% of the EU population and are Europe’s economic engine, contributing to two thirds of its GDP.  As centres of economic activity, employment and innovation, cities have a vital role to play when it comes to promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and tackling economic, environmental and social challenges. The revolutionary potential of emerging technologies, such as


Annual Energy Autonomy Conference of Vorarlberg

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the unanimous decision of the state parliament of Vorarlberg on energy autonomy. In July 2009, the energy autonomy Vorarlberg was adopted as the energy policy goal of the region. Ten years is an important milestone on the way to energy autonomy. Therefore, we will organis this year’s Energy Autonomy Conference, on Thursday, May 23, from 4:00 pm to 7:00


Capacity building workshop

The capacity building workshop of IMEAS takes part in Energy Institute of Vorarlberg at Monday, the 13th of May. Participants are experts from Umweltverband Vorrlberg and specialist for building physics together with the responsible team manager of the e5 teams of Vorarlberg. e5 is aiming to offer municipalities concrete and long-term support in the field of climate protection and energy efficienc

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June 16, 2020
IEA Article – The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on clean energy progress
March 6, 2020
Paris – Vorderwald: Try out for four weeks what world politics decided in Paris